How to make 'TEA'

I’m working on my MFA and the best part of the program, so far, is that it forces me to do work I generally don’t do.  I get to be a little more…well…artistic!

So here  is the first image I created for an assignment:

Lighting is so-so...let me try some different lighting.

Lighting is so-so...let me try some different lighting.

It’s okay. I don’t like the line that is created from the shadows at the bottom of the letters. I need to drop some contrast and even out the shadow lighting so I shoot it using a couple different lighting setups until I get this one.  Keep in mind it is the same subject with just different lighting:

This one I like a lot better.

There is some basic post work on the image but it is not a type layer that has somehow been rendered into a sea of dry tea leaves.

To make this I needed:

  • A big bag of tea – already on hand.
  • A template that says ‘TEA’ which I made from some mattboard

Here is a pic of the final studio rig used for this:
09-09-11_15-38-16_DSC_2518_Making_Tea_rigI shot the final picture with my Tamron 17-50mm at 50mm, WB to flash, f/16 at 1/100 sec.

It wasn’t even messy.  the problem with this shoot was keeping  the cat from jumping on it a couple of times.  The tea was rebagged after the shoot. 🙂

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